Konza Tracker Specs

Konza Tracker Specs

Konza Two Axis Automatic Tracker general specifications
Capacity, nominal (Watts) 140 500 1500+ 3000+
Number of modules single, bifold, trifold 2 6 12
Payload weight, includes modules and support frame (lb) 50 200 800 1500
Horizontal range 360° around the Horizon; 24/7 continuous movement (the polar summer).
Tilt from horizontal 0-55° from horizontal
Control system dust and water ingress rating IP54 (Optional IP65) IP65
Operational temperature -25C to +65C -30C to +65C
Konza tracker power requirements 12 Vdc 24 Vdc
Structural ratings - UBC 2012
Tracking behavior The Konza Controller follows the maximum available irradiance (MAI), incrementally. The controller wakes in approximately five minute intervals. Tracks to within 1/2 degree of MAI. Only moves when needed. Stows under dark clouds.
Nighttime stowage The Konza controller stowes the tracker Plane of Array horizontally at preset Dawn and Dusk light levels.
Pole mount 1 inch square tube (SS) 3 inch Schedule steel pipe 6 inch Schedule steel pipe 8 inch Schedule 40 steel pipe, minimum
Installation & assembly No limit switches to set. No programming. Drop tracker on mounting structure and place the sensor, done. Instructions are included for assembly.
Regular maintenance none*
* For any solar array: annual inspections are recommended, keep the array & sensor clean. ————————

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